The reason of why the computer can't recognize u disk?

The emergence of computers,make you work more efficient , in addition to work, you can also play games and relax. u disk is our common mobile storage device, then what are the reasons why the computer can not recognize the u disk? Today we will introduce the following related content, together to see how the computer can not recognize the u disk!

The  the reason of computer can't recognize u disk

1. It may be that the front USB port of the computer is damaged or the line is connected incorrectly. When the USB cable of the computer motherboard is connected to the front USB port on the chassis, the positive and negative circuits are reversed, and such problems may occur. The USB device burned out. Therefore, when we use it, we try to insert the u disk into the USB port on the back of the chassis to reduce the length of the line, or there is a problem with the USB port. If this is the case, it can be plugged into another interface.

2. In the computer's BIOS settings, disable USB, then insert the u disk can not be recognized naturally. Find the F2 or DEL button on the keyboard, enter the BIOS system, set it, open the USB related options, set the enable usb device, and replace it with enable.

3. The USB interface has no power. When the power supply is insufficient, when the u disk is inserted, the computer system may not recognize the mobile device. It may be that the power of the u disk has higher voltage requirements. However, the front port has a smaller voltage. If a poor power supply is used, the device may not be recognized. It can be inserted in the back end of the host, and then check whether the power is normal. .

4. If the u disk is used frequently and the plug is too much, it is easy to cause damage to the interface of the memory device chip. It can be discharged for one reason. If the device still cannot be identified, it may be that the u disk itself has a problem.

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